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Many US States are Adopting Additional Relief Measures

The Coronavirus pandemic has triggered governments around the world to halt their economies in their tracks. This unprecedented peacetime interruption to global markets has had a succession of negative economic consequences on populations throughout the globe. Now governments are rushing to respond and provide assistance to their citizens as the pandemic unfolds.

New Stimulus Plan To Provide Further Coronavirus Relief

There has been a tide of new legislation directed at providing targeted economic relief to those who need it most in the United States. In a government that is usually beset with partisan, almost zealot like politics some of the countries’ largest legislation pieces in history have passed with record-setting time on deliberation.

The CARES Act Rules Core to Stimulus Plan

The centerpiece of the still-developing economic stimulus program that has been deployed by the federal government. It includes the largest direct payment to American taxpayers in the country’s history with individuals receiving payments directly from the IRS for $1,200. The 2.2 trillion dollar piece of legislation is made up of several other programs designed to provide relief to businesses and individuals. There has even been an extension to the nations existing unemployment program.

Current Unemployment Benefits Are Varied Greatly by State

The newly expanded unemployment program gives states an added $600 per person on top of the state’s already pre-existing benefits. Depending on your job and the state that you live in there is a possibility you could earn more on unemployment right now than you could if you were working.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has more info.

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