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VoIP Happens To Be Superior For Business, This is Why

Way back when Alexander Graham Bell made that first complete phone call to his assistant, Thomas Watson on the 10 of Mar, 1876, they have grown to be a progressively important tool. Throughout the majority of that period, landlines have been the primary link to family and friends with the phone.

Even today, many organisations continue to depend on landlines as opposed to using VoIP technology, even with adopting the age of the net in other aspects of their organization. Why is that? Most businesses are motivated with the myth that landlines are definitely more trustworthy than VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol telephone systems.

In addition to reliability, however, there are plenty of other reasons why organizations should choose VoIP instead of landlines.


Probably the most dominant main reasons why businesses ought to choose Voice over IP as opposed to landlines is because of cost. Landlines are muddied with higher, often irregular fees and hidden service fees.

Once your enterprise switches to Voice over IP, it is likely the sole payment you can expect to incur is the one about your month to month VoIP service fees. You will always know precisely what you really are having to pay and why. You can find hardly any over-limit or long-distance fees. With VoIP, your organization can get in touch with anybody anywhere worldwide for the same quality and price as if these folks are right in the next room.

Functions And Features

The expanding assortment of features can be another good reason that companies should select Voice over IP instead of landlines. When you select landlines, you have the ability to make and receive calls and each and every other feature that you add-on leads to a lot more expense (and hardware) that negatively effects your budget.

With VoIP Office phone service, the amount of offered functions is growing right alongside the technology changes. Sure, there are add-ons, but a lot of the features available are included in your fundamental monthly VoIP Phone service bundle. Here are a few of the more popular functions that are regarded as baseline features for almost all Voice over IP companies:

  • Voicemail & Voicemail 2 eMail
  • FAX & FAX 2 eMail
  • Conference Calling
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forwarding
  • Advertisements while Callers are On Hold
  • Automated Greetings & Menus
  • And More…


One more reason why businesses should select VoIP Phone service as an alternative to landlines is the options for expandability. With landlines, if you want to improve your organization phone features, it can be a expensive, cumbersome and irritating ordeal. There is newer devices that needs to be configured and a lot of unexpected expenses. Occasionally, it might be far more of a pain than it’s really worth!

The good news is, with VoIP Phone technologies, updating your PBX can usually be performed via the internet and within a few minutes. There exists hardly ever any specific products to upgrade to along with the set-up is minimum and generally not difficult. Most of the time, it’s simply an issue of reaching out to your Voice over IP company as they can usually do it faster than you and, if your service package includes updates, this may even become a cost-free change.

In Conclusion

Well, as you have seen, it’s simple to see why companies should select Voice over IP Office Phone packages instead of landlines. VoIP’s expanding ability to accommodate the requirements of every business far outshines just what the landline will offer. While the landline undeniably experienced its time in the sun, the time has come for a new day using Voice over IP .